I’ve spent my career helping organizations and executives understand complex challenges, develop solutions, and translate them into effective operations. I’m focused on solutions that are actionable, iterative, and user focused.


Strategic plan

Strategic Planning

Are you at the point where you need a strategic plan so you’re clear on charting the course ahead? 

I’ll ask the hard questions and do the analysis so you can make effective decisions about your organization’s future. Strategic planning services range from building clarity on the biggest decisions to crafting a full-scale strategy with actionable milestones and guiding metrics.

Organizational design

Organizational Design

Are you at a critical junction, where you’ve outgrown part of your current organizational structure? 

I’ll work with you to align the organizational design to the strategy and outcomes you want, including questions like when to outsource versus hire. 

Point A to point B

Strategic Capacity

Do you have an idea for your organization, but you don't have capacity to launch it? Is there a complex challenge that no one can take on?   

I can be your strategic capacity, and partner with you to address those high impact priorities on your list that keep getting pushed aside by the urgent, day-to-day work